Event Electronics Support: A Mixed Bag

Oct 1, 2003 15:01 · 190 words · 1 minute read

About 7 weeks ago, I shipped my EZ8 sound card back to Event Electronics because it was locking my computer up. Within 20 minutes of playing audio, my machine (running Windows XP) would consistently freeze up. Event’s phone support has been helpful and made a number of suggestions, but I ran through a lot of experimentation before finally sending the card back to them.

They’ve had the card in their possession for 6 weeks. I’ve called them up three times. I probably would’ve called them more if I wasn’t busy dealing with a hard drive crash. My last call to them (last week), they were actually testing it, but hadn’t come up with anything yet.

As a computer guy, I can sympathize with the difficulty in reproducing some problems. However, it’s their job to get this working for me, and preferrably in a more timely manner than this. I had a Frontier Design Wavecenter ISA card for a few years and had no problems whatsoever with it. I wouldn’t have even needed the EZ8 if it weren’t for the fact that my new machine doesn’t have an ISA slot. Ugh.