Eclipse 3.0M4 is out

Oct 12, 2003 23:55 · 158 words · 1 minute read

Periodically on Friday I went to to see if M4 had been released (since the schedule date was for Friday). Not sure when exactly they dropped the release, but it’s out and the release notes list the typical variety of good things that you get in a new Eclipse release. There are lots of refactoring improvements, a mystery improved code formatter, some new coding style checks, a few nice CVS improvements, more things that happen in the background (yay!), improved auto-indent (which will hopefully fix some annoyances from the earlier 3.0 builds).

Oh yeah, and Eclipse finally has the ability to open files that are outside of the workspace! You no longer have to open JEdit just to look at a Java file on your desktop!

It sounds like they’ve added a nice bit of polish. I didn’t see anything about the Rich Client Platform mentioned, so I wonder if the planned goodies there made it in.