GUI Command generic command pattern for Java GUIs

Oct 27, 2003 20:10 · 164 words · 1 minute read

I’ve been thinking about (and working on/with) Java Swing GUI frameworks quite a bit lately. The GUI-Commands project incorporates some ideas that I’ve seen in Eclipse (the notion of menus and toolbars being built up dynamically, called contributions in Eclipse). I’m somewhat surprised to not see any mention of UndoableEdits in there, because that’s a great benefit to using the command pattern with Swing… it’s fairly straightforward to do undo.

I had initially thought of having commands in my system provide UI components as they do in GUI-Commands, but had changed my mind because I found a way to make the commands themselves largely transparent to the application. We’ve got a lot of apps to write, though, and I may change my mind if I find that we need to create the same menu items all over the place.

It seems entirely likely that I may want to look this project up again sometime. It’s released (according to the page) under the LGPL.