Rebates: Apple wins, TCA sucks

Oct 28, 2003 17:17 · 133 words · 1 minute read

Rebates on computer products often suck. I waited a year to get a rebate on my Envision LCD monitor. TCA Fulfillment Services has conveniently lost not one, but two separate rebates for Computer Geeks products! TCA (who runs “”) has just denied a CompUSA rebate of mine, because they didn’t like the receipt I sent them. Beware, beware, beware!

On the flip side, there’s Apple. I had a far bigger rebate coming from them, and they got the check in my hands 3 weeks after I sent it in! That’s the way to process rebates.

Update 1/19/05: This posting appears to be one of my most viewed over time. For your convenience, TCA’s toll-free number is: 800-578-8883 (that way you don’t have to read through all of the comments to find that tidbit).