EII Commons Swing components

Nov 18, 2003 16:34 · 111 words · 1 minute read

Among the postings in the java.net thread that I was just talking about, there was a reference to EII Commons which provides:

  • a sortable table model and corresponding sortable JTable
  • a set of masked edit controls
  • a wizard framework (i.e. “< Back”, “Next >”, “Finish”, “Cancel”)
  • an Eclipse-like view framework for Swing
  • various tree, table, and list utilities
  • miscellaneous utilities such as:
  • a resource loader (loads images and other resources relative to a class)
  • a class that will copy an InputStream to an OutputStream, or a Reader to a Writer
  • a class-based processor repository that dynamically delegates

    to some sort of processor based on the “best fit” for an object’s class