Robert Kennedy Jr. calls Bush the worst environmental president

Nov 20, 2003 19:52 · 140 words · 1 minute read

This makes it seem rather remarkable that the Republicans dropped the drilling of Alaska. | Save the Earth — dump Bush is an interview of Robert Kennedy Jr.

The NRDC Web site lists over 200 environmental rollbacks by the White House in the last two years. If even a fraction of those are actually implemented, we will effectively have no significant federal environmental law left in our country by this time next year. That’s not exaggeration, it’s not hyperbole, it is a fact.

Scary stuff. It has been clear to me that Bush has been selling away the environment, but I didn’t realize how far he’s going. I do remember a recent headline saying that the Big 3 automakers were getting some fuel economy concessions. I guess Bush never met a dollar, I mean industrialist, that he doesn’t like.