Back from Hawaii

Dec 8, 2003 19:17 · 164 words · 1 minute read

We just spent a fabulous two weeks in Hawaii, a week each on Oahu and Maui. We’ve previously been to Kauai and the Big Island, so this was a nice chance to see something new. Some people thought we were crazy to travel with a four-month-old, but we figured it was the perfect time! Crysania traveled well and we had a great time with her. Since she’s not crawling, she wasn’t restless on the plane and we didn’t have to chase after her. She’s still exclusively breastfed, so there was no issue with finding and preparing food for her. Her main issue seemed to be that she didn’t enjoy riding in the car in the afternoon, but we were able to work around that.

Pictures and more will come later. We really liked Kaneohe and Kailua in East Oahu. East Oahu in general had lots of green and beautiful white sand beaches. We also liked the Kaanapali area that we stayed in on Maui.