Why Pluto is $15000

Jan 3, 2004 22:34 · 147 words · 1 minute read

Since you can’t read their site because of the slashdotting, I thought I would mention what that $15K buys. It’s not a single box…

For that price, you get the Pluto Core, which is the Linux-based server. You get some number (unclear to me how many) of media distributors (PCs with DVD drives and network interfaces) that hook up to your TV and the Core to show video and play music. You also get “Orbiters”, which are hand-held devices to which you can stream video from your security cameras and control the Pluto system.

So, we’re not talking one Linux PC. It’s a whole system of stuff. I’ve requested more pricing info, because I’m curious how much you have to pay for the various parts. $15K is a lot of money, but this can give technically unsophisticated folks a usable “home of the future” sort of setup.