My Favorite Songs of 2003

Jan 8, 2004 03:18 · 114 words · 1 minute read

This is not a top 10 list, because 10 is such an arbitrary number.

These are the songs that I really, really liked this year and that I am

likely to continue to listen to in the coming years. There are plenty of other songs that I’ve enjoyed on one level or another, but that just don’t have that guaranteed replay value for me (“Hey Ya!” by OutKast comes to mind as an example of this).

  • “Bring Me To Life”, Evanescence
  • “All The Things She Said”, TaTu
  • “Bigger Than My Body”, John Mayer
  • “Are You Happy Now”, Michelle Branch
  • “Heaven”, Live
  • “Numb”, Linkin Park
  • “Sonambulist (Simply Being Loved)”, BT
  • “Clocks”, Coldplay
  • “Disease”, Matchbox 20