RipDigital will rip your CD collection for you

Jan 14, 2004 21:20 · 160 words · 1 minute read

What a great business idea! RipDigital will take your CDs in, rip them at high quality, and send you back MP3s on DVD-ROM or a hard drive. I remember how long it took to rip our collection of CDs a few years back. They’ve priced the service to make it a good deal relative to the amount of time a person would spend ripping. It’s a great business for them, though, because they only need to rip the songs once! Once they have the digital copies, they just have to make a DVD-ROM of the songs on the CDs you send them. If they don’t do this, then it doesn’t seem like their service will be as insanely profitable.

One interesting aspect to their service (this must be their lawyers talking) is that they apparently watermark the files. Their Ts&Cs make it obvious that if the music industry comes after them, they’re just going to point the finger at you.