Can JavaWorld tips be used for anything?

Feb 3, 2004 05:36 · 131 words · 1 minute read

JavaWorld has published a good deal of potentially useful information, and it’s a shame to see them stop. I say “potentially useful” because it’s hard to tell if you’re actually allowed to use the information. Take a look at the Copyright Information. It’s all standard seeming stuff for a publication… no reprints or redistribution, except for personal, non-commercial use. That seems fine for articles, but there are useful pieces of code there. The only terms listed are those on the copyright page, so I have to assume that JavaWorld code cannot be redistributed.

This seems to limit the usefulness of the information, because it would be a possible copyright violation to even take snippets of the code.

I’ve actually spotted JavaWorld code in an open source project. Is that allowed?