Good week for quotes

Feb 9, 2004 02:24 · 269 words · 2 minute read

Here’s a dandy article about how hard it is to gain access to public records in Florida, despite the Constitution guaranteeing that access. The amusing quote regards one county superintendent who refused to turn over his cell phone bill:

“He could have been a terrorist,” Howard said. “We have to ensure the safety of children.”

Howard couldn’t explain how a terrorist might use his cell phone bill to harm children.

The second great quote of the week is brought to you courtesy of MTV:

“There’s now going to be an FCC investigation into the nipple,” MTV Chief Executive Tom Freston confirms after it was revealed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would look into whether the incident broke FCC rules regarding indecency or obscenity.

“Investigation into the nipple” had probably never been uttered before… and now, it’s got 35 matches on Google! I’d ask “who says stuff like that?”, but apparently the answer is the CEO of MTV!

Update… how could I forget this one:

  1. At this point in time, IBM’s UNIX expertise was centered on its own Power PC processor. IBM had little or no expertise on Intel processors.

Yes, here’s SCO revising their complaint against IBM and claiming that IBM has no expertise on Intel processors. Sure, they’re trying to narrow it down to UNIX expertise, but what does that matter? IBM invented the PC and wrote a goodly portion of OS/2, so they definitely had a lot of in-house experience with Intel processors. Those wild and wacky SCO guys. Next thing you know, they’ll be claiming that Sun has little to no experience with the Java language.