Eclipse 3.0M7 is out!

Feb 13, 2004 22:50 · 167 words · 1 minute read

Go get it, if you can! It doesn’t look like the mirrors have it yet. Check out the Eclipse 3.0 M7 News for all the detail. Here are the things that interest me:

  • Export Standalone Mac OS X apps – very nifty, if you’re a Mac person
  • Content Assist in dialog boxes – which fixes something that’s always bugged me a little… specifically, the New Class dialog box that they show. It always bothered me that I had to click “Browse” when I’ve already typed in the name of the class I want.
  • Improved string compare in JUnit – it diffs the strings!
  • File system changes can be automatically refreshed
  • The package explorer finally has the ability to run classes from the context menu.
  • A bunch of useful Ant improvements that make the upgrade worthwhile by themselves (if you use ant

All this, plus there’s the rumored support of 2.1 plugins. It looks like a great update… now if only they’d add the J2SE 1.5 support 🙂