Annoying change to Sun’s website

Feb 19, 2004 20:31 · 141 words · 1 minute read

I’m in the habit of using Google to look up Java class APIs. Usually, the first couple of links point to a couple of different versions of the javadoc at Sun’s site. If you don’t care about exactly which version of the javadoc you’re looking at, this generally works fine. But, check out this Google Search for JCheckBox. The first link points to the 1.4.1 javadoc which, as of today, points to a page saying that 1.4.1 has been End of Lifed, so no javadoc for you, bucko. This wouldn’t be so bad if Google had the 1.4.2 link as well, but they don’t. It also wouldn’t be so bad if Sun provided a link to the current version of the javadoc, but they don’t. I guess it’s time for me to actually have a local copy of the javadoc around.