BSOM greatest hits

Feb 21, 2004 03:19 · 194 words · 1 minute read

I have this site configured to allow comments even on the older posts. I’ve had a little bit of comment spam, but I’ve also noticed that a couple of posts in particular have continued to get comments.

India’s President Talks Up Open Source appeared in May of last year. Since then, new comments have appeared in August, November, December, January and again today. And the comments are weird. They’re kinda spam-like, but kinda not. Since they aren’t linking to spammy sorts of sites, I’ve left them there for your enjoyment.

Another one is my post about Super Volcanoes that came along in August 2001, when this site was still We Write Online. Up until recently, this article was in the first page of matches for “super volcanoes” on Google. So, starting in July 2003, people started coming along and asking me, apparently the authority on super volcanoes, questions about them. The last comment was in September 2003, but I think I’ve also had a couple of other, somewhat childish ones that I’ve had to delete.

The randomness of people that come to my blog is certainly one of the more enjoyable parts of blogging.