William Hung: American Idol reject turned mini-star

Feb 21, 2004 03:11 · 198 words · 1 minute read

This is a pretty remarkable story. William Hung had the spotlight on him nearly a month ago for his interesting rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” during the American Idol auditions. It’s obvious that the Idol judges send through the best and the worst, hoping to provide some entertainment value at the expense of the less talented among the hopefuls. Hung was undoubtedly sent through for entertainment value. But, I think he has provided more entertainment than anyone anticipated:

Betting that Hung, this season’s biggest American Idol loser, has a few more media cycles in him, Juris’ Fuse network joined with Koch Entertainment this week to offer the 20-year-old college student a $25,000 recording-slash-music video contract.

If you check out williamhung.net, you’ll find that the phenom is no joke… people are really entertained by Hung. Enough so that there’s even another article running today. I betcha “She Bangs” is going to move up the charts at the karaoke bars, complete with William Hung moves.

I say, more power to ya! Hung looked like a pretty jovial and happy person on Idol, and I hope he enjoys this bit of fame. This craze reminds me a bit of Mahir.