US, Pakistani Officials Deny Knowing bin Laden’s Whereabouts

Feb 23, 2004 16:16 · 143 words · 1 minute read

Yesterday, Britain’s Sunday Express reported that US forces had Osama bin Laden surrounded. Today, U.S., Pakistan Deny They’re Closing in on Osama.

Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts remain a mystery to U.S. and Pakistani forces as they crank up efforts to flush out al Qaeda and Taliban rebels hiding near Afghanistan’s eastern frontier, officials said on Monday.

I don’t remember where I first read this idea, but someone out there suspected that the US will hold off on capturing or announcing the capture of bin Laden until closer to the election. Personally, I think that would be going a bit far as political stunts go, and I think that unlikely. But, if bin Laden is captured close to the election, I just hope that people will keep things in perspective. Capturing bin Laden is not going to stop a decentralized group like al Qaeda.