Ballmer chuckles over implementation troubles in Munich

Feb 29, 2004 03:30 · 142 words · 1 minute read

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer chuckles over Linux woes in the Munich rollout, according to the Toronto Star. Apparently, the rollout is turning out to be more expensive than anticipated (and Ballmer is gloating that the Linux TCO is higher).

I wonder what the specific problems in Munich are. Are they people problems, or software problems or both? If they’re software problems, then hopefully those problems are being addressed as part of Munich’s work, thus paving the way for other municipalities to roll out Linux.

Munich is a bit of a trailblazer here. They may have a higher initial TCO, but over time that should come down. The work done in Munich should reduce the TCO for others (and likewise as those others hit their stumbling blocks). Though that all sounds very communist, in the end it’s all about reducing a cost center.