I’ve been lasered!

Mar 31, 2004 02:29 · 297 words · 2 minute read

This blog went an entire week without entries, which is quite unusual. The week before that was quite quiet, too. I don’t think Blue Sky On Mars has ever had that lengthy a quiet period.

It started with a trip to Niagara Falls, for a JSTOR-wide company retreat. That was a packed couple of days, but it was a good chance to meet people from our New York office. Things were busy after getting back, because we’re full-steam-ahead on our project at work, and I’m pair programming all day these days.

The weekend after Niagara Falls, I wound up with a nasty little cold, that I’m only now just about done with.

Then, last Friday, I finally had LASIK performed on my heretofore unaltered eyes. I’ve had a pretty easy recovery thus far, my vision is pretty good (but still stabilizing). I’d certainly recommend it for anyone who is not afraid of having their eyes tampered with and whose vision will likely be restored to 2020. After years of wearing glasses or contacts, it is a huge change to be able to see so well without any additional apparatus. For me, the procedure was fully painless.

One word of advice: if they have a monitor in the pre-op area that is showing a LASIK procedure that is currently underway, don’t look at it. I was doing fine before the operation until I saw a 20″ (diagonal) eye being kind of abused. I still did fine after that, but the sight made me a little more tense. I found it much easier to go through in the first person than to view in the third.

My LASIK was performed by Dr. Sensoli at TLC in Ann Arbor. He’s performed thousands of these procedures and did great for me.