Movable Type whining is silly

May 15, 2004 04:12 · 176 words · 1 minute read

MT 3.0 is coming out now and many bloggers seem to be shocked beyond belief that Six Apart wants to make money off of their work. Nevermind that they’re still offering a free edition of Movable Type that would probably work just fine for most bloggers. They’ve always specified that MT couldn’t be used for free by commercial interests. They’ve just added the restrictions that if you have more than one author and more than three blogs, you’ve gotta pay up. Big deal.

There are several options for the whiners:

1) Odds are that you probably still fall into the category of people who can use MT 3.0 for free

2) Or, you can stick with MT 2.6.

3) Pony up the cash… it’s not that much money.

4) If you really must, switch to one of the many fine other blogging systems. I just think that the only truly reasonable reason to do this is if there are features there that you want to have that you can’t get out of 1, 2 or 3.