Metacritic: rottentomatoes for everything

May 16, 2004 04:31 · 198 words · 1 minute read

I’ve been a longtime fan of Rotten Tomatoes, and I still am! I find that the Tomatometer is a pretty good indicator of whether a movie is decent or a stinker. Sure, there are times when I’ll disagree with the critics… but more often than not, I’ll agree with the consensus of the critics, if not the opinions of a single critic. I went looking for a site that would do the same for music, and I found metacritic: Film Reviews, Game Reviews, Music Reviews, DVD Reviews. Yep, everything all in one place. Pretty spiffy looking. Now to start figuring out if I agree with the opinions that appear there.

Music is a particularly dicey thing when it comes to reviews, because everyone has their own tastes. Right now, I’m really enjoying listening to “My Band” by D12, “Going Under” by Evanescence (man, pop radio really missed the boat on that one!) and “Yeah” by Usher. “Yeah” is amazing because of how simple the music is. The interplay of the elements in that song make for a phenomenal piece of pop music (12 weeks at #1 says that I’m not the only person who thinks is phenomenal pop…)