Is the draft legal when the premise for the war is bogus?

Jun 3, 2004 04:20 · 180 words · 1 minute read

It would be hard to deny that the premise for the war in Iraq was exaggerated at best. Even with the exaggerations, the Bush Administration was unable to convince the UN that there was a pressing need for war. Given that, does it make sense to start a draft? I was 19 during the Gulf War, and we were worried about the possibility of a draft then. But, at least there was a clear mission: get Saddam out of Kuwait. And there was real multinational support for that mission! It felt more justified.

Today’s war has none of that feel to it.

Update: I just thought of something worth mentioning here. It is entirely possible that this bill does not have anywhere near the support that this site is implying. This bill was introduced last year. Certainly, the war in Iraq doesn’t seem any rosier now than it did then. However, the US and Britain have announced intentions to pull troops out of Iraq by 2006. Unless that’s a ruse, that plan may obviate the need to resurrect the draft.