Steve Pavina on indie software development

Sep 7, 2004 16:39 · 122 words · 1 minute read

Steve Pavina, founder of game maker Dexterity Software, has written an interesting series of articles about indie software development. This is a guy who knows time management (a four-year degree in three semesters!), and he also knows business. The Motley Fool constantly bombards you with the message Cash Is King, and Steve raises that point more than once as well. No cash, no business.

I got to Steve via Eric Sink (who really belongs on my blogroll) and Eric’s latest MSDN article about Micro-ISVs. Eric’s articles on MSDN have been very interesting, and this one is no exception. He was so intrigued by the concept of software development in the small that he started his own business around a one-trick Solitaire game.