Bush and the international community

Sep 28, 2004 04:12 · 156 words · 1 minute read

Those that have followed my blog for a while, know that I’m supporting the guy who is not Bush. John Mauldin’s new “Outside the Box” newsletter has certainly been interesting so far, and this week’s entry is no exception. George Friedman writes about Bush and the international community. The perspective is very interesting and one that I haven’t seen. The theory is that politicians in other countries don’t like Bush, but are too invested in him to let him go. It also says that back here at home, Kerry’s view that we should have had more international consensus is not a majority view.

That may be true, but it is my view. Besides, Iraq really need not be the only issue in this election. How about the exploding national debt, the cronyism, the attacks on the environment, the attacks on personal liberty, etc…?

This piece is interesting reading, regardless of where you fall in this election.