J2SE 5.0 is now available

Sep 30, 2004 22:38 · 134 words · 1 minute read

As promised, J2SE 5.0 was released today. Certainly a big release, and I think everyone’s pretty much aware of the features. Now that 5.0 has been released, there’s a good probability that the project I’m working on may be able to start working with it within a month. There are certainly good features. The trick will be ensuring that all of the libraries we use will not have problems.

The Java folks are good at backwards compatibility (almost to a fault!), so I expect the problems will be minimal. Still, some of the packages we use involve code generation, and I could imagine some of those things needing some changes. The betas have been out long enough, though, that most active open source projects have at least been played with using the new version.