Crysania’s commentary on debate #2

Oct 14, 2004 04:53 · 141 words · 1 minute read

On Saturday, we watched the second debate on the Replay. The third one is recording as I write this. At one point, Crysania (who is now 14 months old) looked over at the TV and saw Kerry talking. That was when she spoke her first political commentary. She said “eye” and “how” (how = hair in Crysania-speak). And she was absolutely correct! Kerry has eyes and hair!

When Bush came on, she didn’t really have anything to say.

Crysania has really picked up a remarkable vocabulary. I’ve lost count of how many words she knows. The number of distinct syllables she can pronounce is smaller than the number of words she knows, but you can usually tell what she means from the context.

The other day, she even said a phrase, “toe wet”, when her feet were dangling in the sink.