Coming out of the woodwork

Oct 15, 2004 21:02 · 213 words · 1 minute read

As much of a nailbiter as the 2000 election was, I don’t think there was anywhere near the passion that you see in this election. People are coming out of the woodwork and Leaning Into It and making their voices heard.

I’ve written anti-Bush sentiments here before. I don’t know that I’ve written any pro-Kerry sentiments. Here’s one: Kerry is the right man for the job. He’s come across well in the debates, he knows the ropes in Washington and his policies are sensible.

Either Kerry or Bush will be the president come January. Sure, you can protest the Washington establishment and vote for Nader or Badnarik. The real establishment to protest is the current administration that has done nearly all it could to make a mess these past four years. Vote Kerry to make a change.

Kerry has a lot stacked against him. I don’t think the stock market is going anywhere for a while (see Bull’s Eye Investing), and the Iraq situation is not going to be easy to disentangle. But, I am sure that Bush will do a far worse job. The next president will most likely choose at least one Supreme Court justice, and that’s another thing I don’t want to leave to Bush.

Vote Kerry on November 2nd.