Boing Boing election wrap up part two

Nov 6, 2004 17:01 · 195 words · 1 minute read

Boing Boing has continued to bring up some great links, post-election. My Modest Proposal: The U.S.A.R. is a “modest proposal” to split the USA into USA Blue and USA Red (look at an election map to see the split). This about somes it up:

Then the new USAR (United States of America Red) can ban books, repeal civil rights, persecute gays and have all the wars they like. They want prayer in schools? More power to them. They can ban abortion and post the Ten Commandments in every federal building in their country. Bring back slavery, if they want. We’ll be free to live with our like-minded countrymen who believe in science, modernism, tolerance, religion as a personal choice, and truly want limited government intrusion in our personal lives.

More commentary, post-Kerry concession. And, there’s the inevitable claim that Kerry won. And, there are some different takes on the red/blue map that show that things were closer than a red/blue map would make them out to be. Tim Bray also redesigned North America, but only an engineer would work something out the way he did it. It’s too neat and logical. Politics is messy stuff.