Long distance switch to Big Red Wire

Dec 6, 2004 16:15 · 154 words · 1 minute read

I’ve just switched our long distance service to bigredwire. 2.7 cents per minute, no fees (though there are some taxes added to that). I’ve been meaning to switch ever since Sprint started charging a monthly fee. It’s crazy to pay Sprint $5 per month, given that I don’t even use their service! We’ve been using One Suite, which is a pre-paid service that offers super low rates (2.4 cents in the US, 9 cents per minute to Bangalore, India!). Unfortunately, One Suite’s call quality has been dropping drastically. I’m pretty sure they’re using VOIP on the back end and not at a good quality level.

bigredwire, by the way, offers 20 cents per minute calls to Bangalore, and free member-to-member calling.

brw is also interesting because they hae these little hexagon faces that they use to represent everything. I got email from “jack”, their customer service face. Kinda weird, but mildly pleasant as well.