Mice in the basement

Dec 10, 2004 23:14 · 142 words · 1 minute read

Once again, we have mice in the basement. I hadn’t been worried about that for a couple of years, but I saw a mouse scurrying in the kitchen last night. Luckily, it appears that this was the first time this mouse had ventured up to the kitchen. I spotted him on the stairs back down toward the basement, so I’m pretty confident that’s where he came from. I sealed off the gap beneath the basement door and set some live-catch mouse traps.

All three of the traps were sprung this morning. Two were empty (one of which was even empty of cheese!). The third had a little brown mouse inside. I took him to a park and he hopped away.

Unfortunately, the mouse that I saw in the kitchen was gray, not brown. Two traps left. We’ll see who wins the showdown.