Bad writing: Atlanta Nights and Eye of Argon

Feb 8, 2005 15:10 · 133 words · 1 minute read

I’m a fan of bad stuff. Almost every year, I go to the Smithee Awards to enjoy some really bad films. So, I was pleased to find out about the sci-fi writers who collectively wrote a bad book in order to prove that a publisher was just a vanity publisher. The book is called Atlanta Nights, and you can conveniently buy a copy or download the PDF. I’ve read a couple of pages and it’s really quite awful, but it is awful enough to be entertaining. While looking at some of the slashdot discussion of this, I also discovered”>The Eye of Argon which is apparently believed to be among the worst sci-fi ever written. Unlike Atlanta Nights, The Eye of Argon was not intentionally bad. Woops.