Nice additions to Rails’ Ajax support

Mar 29, 2005 05:15 · 137 words · 1 minute read

Ruby on Rails 0.11.1 features some improvements to the Ajax support added in 0.11.

The Ajax wave is sweeping across Rails. In this release, we’ve added a :position option to both link_to_remote and form_remote_tag that can be set to either :before, :top, :bottom, or :after. These options make it possible to add new DOM elements to existing lists without replacing the whole list. When working on big lists that are in a fixed order anyway, there’s a considerable speed increase to be had.

Nice! In my earlier post mentioning Ajax in Rails, I talked about Nevow’s LivePage coming first. While that is true, and while it is also true (as far as I know) that Rails doesn’t support LivePage’s ability to call from server-to-client at will, it is cool to see new ease-of-use API ideas coming up.