Scariest article of the week

Apr 13, 2005 13:40 · 130 words · 1 minute read

I hope that And the Verdict on Justice Kennedy Is: Guilty ( is really talking about an extreme right-wing minority and not the 50% that voted for Bush. Check out this choice gem:

“The Constitution is not what the Supreme Court says it is,” Schlafly asserted.

Wow. There’s someone that wasn’t paying attention in government class, or at least hasn’t read the Constitution.

This article talks a lot about impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. I didn’t realize that such a thing was possible, and it’s certainly not desirable. Supremes are “for life” for a reason. While I hate to think of the types of judges that Bush will nominate, I do think that the system of government set down in the Constitution is a good one and worth following.