Now running Tiger

May 17, 2005 15:38 · 250 words · 2 minute read

I finally got everything set up yesterday and installed Tiger. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to move my 10.3 installation to an external drive, so that I can continue to use that to make Panther builds of Zesty News. CCC is very easy and did the job with just a couple of clicks. The only trouble I had with it was that a bunch of my folders were owned by root in the clone. Once I chowned them, all was well.

The Tiger install was painless. RSS in Safari is nicely done, I don’t hate the new Mail interface as much as many people (I’ve even decided to switch from Thunderbird to Mail to try out the Spotlight integration), and Dashboard is nice. Overall, a good upgrade and I’m looking forward to seeing what new apps people come up with to take advantage of Core Data and other under the hood features.

I’m impressed by Apple ripping apart the old, long-entrenched initd and crond and putting launchd in their place. That was very good thinking, and Tiger definitely boots faster as a result. Not that I boot much, but it’s still nice when I do need to boot.

Waiting a couple of weeks to install also gave me the benefit of not being totally out on the bleeding edge. 10.4.1 was already waiting in Software Update when it fired up.

By the way, thanks to the couple of people out there who bought Tiger via one of my Amazon links.