A great defense of LAMP

Jun 7, 2005 15:06 · 164 words · 1 minute read

Actually, this is a defense not only of LAMP, but of people out in the trenches doing Java with Spring and Hibernate as well. IBM poop heads say LAMP users need to “grow up”

No. The LAMP stack is a properly

constructed piece of software. Features are added when an actual

person has an actual

need that arises in the actual

field, not when some group of

highly qualified architecture astronauts and marketing

splash-seekers get together to compete for who can come up with

the most grown-up piece of useless new crap to throw in the product.

Ryan is right on target with this piece. Keeping things simple and evolving as needs dictate is a great way to get an app built and to make it scale to anywhere it needs to go.

The next time someone says that they need their .NET frontend talking to a J2EE three-tier backend over SOAP, you’re probably in a position to save them a lot of money.