Doing contract work as a microISV

Jun 8, 2005 14:14 · 142 words · 1 minute read

Ian Landsman says not to be afraid of contract work when you’re starting your microISV. He makes some great points. The key point, I think, is cashflow. In order for the business to survive, at some point cash needs to come in. Having ready access to more cash, like consulting gigs, is a good way to keep things going.

I’ve made some choices recently that are delaying Zesty News a bit, but will result in a stronger product in the end. I haven’t taken any consulting jobs yet, but cashflow is definitely on my mind and I’m thinking of my options now. I know I have the resources to get Zesty News out the door, but I want to have the resources to keep it going as well!

Be sure to check out Ian’s guidelines for taking consulting work. They’re good tips!