G8 leading scientists urge greenhouse gas action

Jun 8, 2005 13:00 · 216 words · 2 minute read

Scientists from each of the Group of Eight leading nations are urging action to curb CO2 emissions and avoid potentially catastrophic climate change.

Mr Bush has consistently stressed the uncertainties of climate science.

This is starting to sound a little like the “uncertainties of evolution science”. There are many things we don’t know, but quite a few scientists are now staking their reputations on a bet that humans are really having an effect on the climate.

If I was a gambling man, who would I place my bets on? A bunch of people who have actually *studied* the issue, or a man who is sympathetic to the oil industry and has been shown to distort science for politcal gain?

There is an ongoing debate in the comments of one of my posts that I’m going to highlight sometime in the next few days. One point that I have to make there is that this administration sees nothing but today and has no vision for the future. Huge budget deficits, environmental weakness, erosion of the Bill of Rights, and alienation of key allies combine to cast a pall over the American future. Let’s hope that the next President, whether Republican or Democrat, can look beyond the desires of today and take care of the needs of tomorrow.