First Time Here?

Jun 14, 2005 13:59 · 195 words · 1 minute read

Hi, I’m Kevin Dangoor and this is my blog. I started Blue Sky On Mars (originally “We Write Online”, thank goodness for the name change!) in June, 2001 and have been posting almost continuously ever since. The name is a reference to the fine Total Recall movie, and I rather like the idea of people running around on Mars throwing frisbees and whatnot.

I’ve been in the technology business for quite a while now, doing many different things. Lately, I’ve been very busy leading the TurboGears web application development framework project with the business I founded, Blazing Things. I also have a news aggregation product in the works called Zesty News. Feel free to contact me via the Blazing Things site.

Blue Sky On Mars has a number of different facets to it that, not surprisingly, follow along some major facets of my life. The TurboGears category of postings is the “official” TurboGears blog. Beyond that, you’ll find general articles about product management, software development, business, politics, music, books, movies and parenting. Plus, the ever-popular “Random” category.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you directly or through comments on postings!