One of those weeks

Jun 20, 2005 18:51 · 342 words · 2 minute read

Last week was one of “those” weeks. One of those weeks that says “hey, you’re human”.

It started off with me taking a sick day on Tuesday (my weeks are Tuesday-Saturday). When you’re running your own business and your under the gun to get things going, you really don’t want a sick day. When you’ve got a regular paycheck coming in, a sick day is annoying and sets you back a little. When you’re still working toward that first check coming in, it’s a different story.

When you’re in a house with kids (or even just the one kid), it’s very rare that only one person gets sick. So, my daughter got sick. And two of her premolars decided that now is the right time to start popping up. Combine these two and you get: a lot of broken up sleep. Bad sleep == lower IQ/fuzzy brain. (If you doubt me, you probably don’t have a kid.)

Add to that some unusual extra things that we had to take care of, and basically I lost 2 of the 5 days last week. Because of the sleep (or rather the lack thereof), the other three were less-than-fully-productive.

The icing on the cake was that I hit a showstopper that basically negated my last couple weeks of work. It was a good line of experimentation, but it just didn’t pan out in a way that would work for the users.

Ahh. One of those weeks.

On the plus side, Crysania is sleeping better now. My cold is nearly gone. I have a firm handle on what’s needed now to get my release out the door. SVN did a good job of getting me back to the point in time that I wanted to pick up from (*much* better than CVS, I should add).

I have good reason to be optimistic for a better week this week. And, I’m the sort who always counts my blessings. I know that the week I had last week was far better than the average week for many people.