Trying out Firefox 1.1 (Deer Park)

Jul 13, 2005 16:01 · 125 words · 1 minute read

Since I’m primarily a Mac user these days, I was interested to learn that Firefox 1.1 has improved the user experience for Macs. Things like middle-clicking to open a link in a tab and making the preferences work more like Mac preferences do. So far, after a short time using it, Deer Park seems mighty fast. It also supports interesting things like CSS3 columns. Of course, you can’t use them because no one else in the world is running a browser that supports it, but it’s nice to see the standards support growing.

Deer Park is an alpha, though, so we’ll see if I end up running into stability problems. If I do, Firefox 1.0.5 is out and that reportedly includes stability fixes and whatnot.