Behind the Bubble Babble

Aug 31, 2005 18:50 · 150 words · 1 minute read

Do you remember all of the analysts talking about the wide open skies for internet stocks and the “new economy”? The Fool is trashing the folks who claim there’s no housing bubble in the enjoyably titled Behind the Bubble Babble:

The very people most vehement about denying a housing bubble are precisely the people who have the most to gain from seeing one continue: mortgage sellers and realtors.

It always pays to look at where a quote or story is coming from. I liked this part:

Last time I checked, my paycheck was not contingent upon urging all of you to watch out for risky loans.

Actually, in a roundabout way, his paycheck does hinge on that… and providing other sound financial advice.

That’s what’s great about the Fool. Their articles cut through the hype in financial markets to try to give you a clearer picture of how things look.