The EFF breaks down DRM so you don’t have to

Sep 4, 2005 02:02 · 193 words · 1 minute read

I’ve been following DRM in music files for a long time now. The EFF does a good job of deconstructing exactly what you’re paying for when you buy songs from the most popular online music services: The Customer Is Always Wrong: A User’s Guide to DRM in Online Music. The EFF does provide a list of services that sell their music in unrestricted MP3 files. Unfortunately, that Kelly Clarkson song that just got stuck in your head is not going to be found on any of those services.

Strangely, they didn’t mention As near as I can tell, it is still legal to import music from another country. And, as far as the folks in Russia have been able to figure so far, AllOfMP3 is legal there. Take advantage of it before the RIAA throws so much money at the problem that it just goes away.

Let’s just hope that the entertainment industry figures out the folly of DRM before the tech companies all bend over and cripple their devices. America as a country will lose out if we let our technical edge be compromised by people who are having trouble adjusting.