MichiPUG first meeting wrapup

Sep 16, 2005 02:30 · 233 words · 2 minute read

I thought it would be worthwhile to post a note about the first meeting of the Michigan Python Users Group, which was last night.

Including myself, we had 11 in attendance, which I thought was quite good! The mailing list is up to 26 members, so all in all we’re off to a good start membership-wise.

The members that were present last night have varying levels of Python experience and have used different combinations of tools. So, there’s a whole bunch we can profitably talk about. As a sign of the fact that there was plenty to talk about, the meeting ran for 2 hours.

Steve Kryskalla gave a good presentation showing off how easy it is to generate graphics on-the-fly using PIL with standard Python CGI. I haven’t needed to generate images in Python, so seeing PIL’s API up close was interesting for me.

I’m going to skip talking about my presentation for now.

Mark Ramm hosted us at the Humantech office, which is very nice and has an excellent meeting room for this type of meeting. We didn’t make too much of a mess and Mark has invited us back next month.

So, if you’re in southeastern lower Michigan and have Python topics you’d like to toss around with others, now is a great time to join the mailing list! We’ll be starting to decide next month’s agenda soon, I’d imagine.