Announcing TurboGears web megaframework (Python)

Sep 17, 2005 16:53 · 149 words · 1 minute read

TurboGears brings together four major pieces to create an easy to install, easy to use web megaframework. It covers everything from front end (MochiKit JavaScript for the browser, Kid for templates in Python) to the controllers (CherryPy) to

the back end (SQLObject).

The TurboGears project is focused on providing documentation and integration with these tools without losing touch with the communities that already exist around those tools.

TurboGears is easy to use for a wide range of web applications.

To get a quick idea of what TurboGears is like, take a look at the 20 Minute Wiki tutorial and screencast. The total screencast with brief intro and conclusion did take a little over 23 minutes, but it’s close to 20 minutes 🙂

A big thanks to Remi Delon, Ian Bicking, Bob Ippolito, Ryan Tomayko, Phillip Eby and the many other contributors who have provided all of these great tools.