TurboGears moves to TextDrive

Sep 22, 2005 17:13 · 145 words · 1 minute read

TurboGears.org is now running at TextDrive!

By all accounts that I’ve ever seen, the people at TextDrive are among the most clued-in you’re going to find in the web hosting business. They know how to run servers, and they understand today’s “agile” development tools.

When I described my hosting problems, Michael Koziarski, who works for TextDrive, was among those who offered assistance. The assistance offered: free hosting for TurboGears at TextDrive. How’s that for supporting open source development?

I should also note that Koz wrote the Feed Your Reader plugin for Firefox, which I make use of in Zesty News. So, I’m doubly indebted to him!

As soon as I’ve figured out some permissions issues, TurboGears will have its subversion repository up at TextDrive.

Thanks, TextDrive!

Update: I forgot to thank Jason Hoffman from TextDrive for setting me up and getting me rolling. Thanks, Jason!