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Weekly TurboGears URL (Sep 24, 2005)

I’ve found the Dr. Dobb’s Python-URL! mailing to be a concise way to keep up with what’s going on in Python without actually following comp.lang.python directly. I’m going to do something similar here, for those who are just following the blog or the announcements list. This first issue will go to the main TurboGears list, but I’m not sure if that makes sense to do in the future.

QOTW: “My optimism and excitement WRT TG increases daily.”

— Jeremy Jones


Patches came in this week from John Miller, Bob Ippolito,

Elvelind Grandin, Fabian Neumann, kickdaddy, Kent Johnson,

and gasolin. (There were possibly others that submitted

documentation patches during the crazy early days of

the week. Sorry if I left you out!)

A TurboGears sprint is coming up on October 8th in

Ann Arbor, Michigan:


TextDrive pitches in and saves me from almost certain

hosting doom.


That, of course, came after Bob Ippolito saved me from

actual hosting doom (by hosting the screencast at

MochiKit.com for a day):


On Thursday, with the new home at TextDrive in place,

the public Subversion repository opened for business.


There were a number of interesting questions and

discussions that came up that help to define what

TurboGears is or, at least, what it isn’t. It doesn’t

involve abstracting out the individual frameworks:


or specifically supporting database APIs other than

SQLObject (and the underlying DBAPI):


Good news from SQLObject: Matthew Cahn has working

Oracle support for SQLObject 0.6.1 and is working on

moving the code to 0.7.


More than 4,300 views of the “20 Minute Wiki” screencast.

More than 4,700 eggs served from TurboGears.org.

140 members on the TurboGears Google Group.



TurboGears discussion:


TurboGears announcements: