TurboGears on slashdot! And a TurboGears job!

Oct 10, 2005 13:53 · 109 words · 1 minute read

This is the kind of morning I like to wake up to. A very interesting one. The first thing I noticed was email saying my blog was down. (That’s due to a problem with my MySQL start up script… I guess the server rebooted but MySQL didn’t come back.)

Then I saw the mention that TurboGears has been slashdottted! Thanks to Guillem Cantallops Ramis for getting us on the front page!

And, I was really excited to see a message from Ned Batchelder letting me know that the first TurboGears job posting is now up at Python.org.

Wow. All of this on what is a weekend day for me.