TurboGears 0.8 Released!

Oct 14, 2005 19:14 · 117 words · 1 minute read

TurboGears 0.8a1 is available now!

What’s New

This is a brief summary. The complete information about what’s

new can be found here: http://www.turbogears.org/about/changelog.html

  • API improvements based on feedback and patches from the first public release. Seven people contributed patches to TurboGears directly, and there’s been quite a bit going on in the other projects.

  • Easier production of XML output from controller methods

  • Static file directories are set up in new quickstarted projects

  • Updates to all of the main included projects

  • IPython is used as the shell, if IPython is available

  • Bonjour support on the Mac

  • New getting started guide, and command line tool and configuration references and a new site template by Sebastian Jansson.

  • Several bug fixes