I’m in Die Welt!

Oct 26, 2005 14:57 · 129 words · 1 minute read

No, Die Welt is not doing an expose on the seamy underbelly of TurboGears. (TurboGears doesn’t actually have an underbelly, let alone a seamy one).

Martin Dowideit wrote an article about the US Postal Service for Die Welt and found my blog posting about the delivery of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from earlier in the year. It looks like I’m the “human interest” portion of the article which is a general overview of where the USPS stands and the challenges it faces.

For those actually in Germany and holding a copy of today’s Die Welt, you can find the article on page 16. Martin was kind enough to send a PDF of the page so I can see how it appears for those of you over there.