Kinkless GTD now even smoother with Quicksilver

Nov 9, 2005 19:57 · 182 words · 1 minute read

I’ve been a Quicksilver fan for a while now, and I’m a recent convert to Kinkless GTD which uses OmniOutliner to implement the Getting Things Done style of, well, getting things done. This morning, I updated to the latest version and learned about a new feature: you can add new items to your KGTD inbox via Quicksilver!

If you’ve never used Quicksilver, it’s hard to imagine how speedy it can make things. With this Quicksilver action, as soon as something pops into my head I can just hit control-space, “.”, type in the thing that I need to remember for later, tab, kg, enter. It’s amazingly quick and unobtrusive and lets me store everything away so that I can process it later, GTD-style.

By the way, for the Python folks reading this, Quicksilver actions can be written in Python!

I’ll repeat my earlier calls: if you happen to know of something like Quicksilver for Windows (and you’d really only know if you’ve tried Quicksilver on a Mac), let me know. It’s painful to not have it whenever I’m using my Windows machine.